Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainbow and a lot of Candy

OMG, i felt so fucking girlish myself. haha.

can a crack-headed, cursing maniac and a cold-hearted bitch like me be girlish? i doubt.
but hell yeah, i like it like this.

suka header baru saya? dibuat dengan penuh kasih sayang sambil berfikir tentang gula gula. :)

nama blog pon telah ditukar. kerana saya rasa, saya tak de lah berapa nak sinis orangnya. haha. okay, yang itu memang agak sinis.

kenapa Rainbow and a lot of Candy?

because my posts are like rainbow. even without be able to touch, we all know rainbow is there. just like my posts, you cant tell if its the truth or false, just know that its written by me. and while writing and doodling all my post, i'm sitting on a rainbow thinking of you guys.
awwwwww, sweet talker huh? :)

and why a lot of candy? because you know what happen between me and candy isn't it? how can i come up with an exaggerated post without my drugs? haha.

i hope you like it cause if you dont, fuck you. cause i like it. :)

my older header:

bye bye, its been a pleasure.

tak sangka, banyak betol maksud tersirat kat sini.
siapa boleh teka nanti dapat hadiah. :D

notakaki: i hope by this time all of you know my one and only habits which are cursing. but i'm a really nice person actually, trust me. after all why do you think people call me Hanis Manis? heee. mind my language, will you?


nanie-koomson said...

agree. i know cursing is not appropriate for girls. tapi kadang2 tak boleh control. dia mcm terslip from the mouth. but that doesn't mean we are not nice.

but yeah one day i will stop cursing. takkan sampai nak ke tua kan hehe.

arifdzulkiffly said...

howw sweet..

kiMi said...

heheehe...sumpah i loike ur new suit wif ur name hanis manis...heee

wann afzan said...

header baru comel!

Hanis Manis said...

nanie: haah. nantilah stop. nanilah kot. haha.

thanks all! <3