Thursday, December 30, 2010

vivid imagery

i'm one of your imaginations that seems so real.


ya. memang boyfriend kau hot sekarang. femes sangat. hanis zalikha pon nak buat dia jadi calon. aku faham kau nak satu dunia tau kau girlfriend dia. (MIA : My Incik Apex) he's not literally yours by the way.

i'm sorry to say this, but dont be vain. low profile sudah lah. kalau kecundang di tengah jalan, siapa yang malu. orang tua tua kan kata, jangan nak beriya sangat nanti kecewa. dah 3036 orang view follow blog kau pasal dia. woaaahhh. kalau apa apa jadi, penat jugak tu nak jawab beribu orang. haha.

i'm not saying these because i'm jealous or whatever. not at all. i dont even like football player. i dont even know him before. actually, i know none of them. final part 1 haritu pon i tak tengok. and one more, i have this crush to tall guys, no offense. but he's a good player. as a Malaysian, you should be proud of him. and yes, as a girlfriend you should be proud of him. but if you want to stay longer with him, keep it low. its a free advice. take it, or leave it. :)

relationship is a multi player game. you cant play ping pong alone. alone here is define without human or computer player of course. if you are alone, then its not ping pong game, its you standing there beside the ping pong table with a bet. get the idea?


i'm going home. byebye people. :*

oh and,

happy new year, peeps.

go Garuda go!

haha. tak tak. gurau je.

congrats encik encik Harimau Malaya. :)

time bila nak tengok rakyat Malaysia jerit jerit sokong Malaysia? ya. time pasukan Malaysia masuk final. kalah hari merdeka.

masa ni, orang ramai akan jerit 'Malaysia Boleh' di kedai kedai mamak. mereka akan bangun, berdiri dan menyorak untuk Malaysia sekuat hati. masa ni jugak lah semua nak pakai baju warna kebangsaan Malaysia.

kalau macam ni, mungkin masa hari merdeka patot buat match bola. setuju?

Spiderman Malaysia

notakaki: serious. tiada feel untuk buat POTA 2. haishh.

UPDATE: to whom yang unfollow me which mean you have stop reading my craps, i know you did that because apparently, i notice all my reader. i'm sorry, maybe my craps is too crappy is it?

UPDATE: haha. hell no, i would hardly give a damn. a lot and lots of love to people who are still sticking, it helps me in so many way. trust me. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

something something of the day;

doodle of the day:

dialog of the day:

kata lecturer itu : "saya ingat....."
kata dua pelajar rajin : "sampai di sini saja kelas kita harini"
kata lecturer itu lagi : "satu kumpulan anggaran dalam 7 orang"
kata dua pelajar rajin itu : "ciss, dammit!"



menu of the day:

Burger ikan keli.

globalization gross huh?


question of the day:

"hanis, harini u sikat rambut eh?"

what is that suppose to mean? sarcasm or compliment?


picture of the day:

ni ke yang u kata sikat rambut tu?

UPDATES: serious i akan buang sikap kemalasan dan mula mengarang POTA 2.

UPDATES: okay, mungkin esok. hee.

Monday, December 27, 2010

i'm starting to like this class

even though i can hardly define a computer.

- Dr Afendi Hamat
Pengajian Bahasa dan Teknologi Maklumat

Friday, December 24, 2010

POTA : The Curse of the Bella Luna

directed by, Candy and some Grass.

presenting you:

this is not a pirate story, but it is a story about pirates.

Let it begins.


the story started when the greatest ship ever, Bella Luna, was stolen from her captain. she was stolen by the cruel Captain Nakajima.

however, Bella Luna can only be handled by her one and only captain. it wont bring any pleasure for whomever that stole her from her captain. so, Captain Nakajima was cursed that he would not have any feeling for the rest of his life. and the only thing that can give him pleasure is the sea of god's comic book.

yup, seriously, trust me.

to cut the story short, Bella Luna's captain has the comic book. irony is it? you might be wondering who is the captain of Bella Luna, right? well, keep watching then.

meanwhile, Bella Luna's captain is trying to get a ship so that she could go and catch Captain Nakajima. she had no other way other than to steal the government ship at Putrajaya.

as predicted, she survived from all the police in Putrajaya. hey, she's the glamorous most prestige and super cool captain after all, mind you. she manage to steal the fastest ship in Malaysia and sail it straight to Tortuga.

there in Tortuga, she find her old best crew, Mrs Sugar Town, to make a plan on getting back Bella Luna.

after great talk, they had a deal.

so they led straight to Germany. specifically, Amsterdam.

they found Bella Luna as well as Captain Nakajima and his whole crew. they both got what they need in each other; Captain Hanis Manis wants her Bella Luna and Captain Nakajima wants the sea god's comic book. so, Captain Hanis Manis begins to make a great deal so that no one would get hurt - fair and square.

this is a story about pirates. of course the deal doesn't work out. duhh. so they start the sword fight.

9 hours passed by and they still fighting. none of them is raising white flag.

15 hours passed by......

29 hours passed by......

45 hours passed by......

4 days later...................

at last! and that's the end of Captain Nakajima. with his comic book of course.

so, Captain Hanis Manis got back her precious Bella Luna and start sailing freely on the ocean.


oh ya, the ship that was stolen in Putrajaya is still in Amsterdam. just in case Captain Nakajima got back from death.


not too bad for my first movie isn't it?

notakaki: wait up for the next POTA: The Dead's Man Brain
notakakikaki: its when Captain Hanis Manis was eaten by the giant jellyfish.
notakakikakikaki: the Putrajaya's ship was named Downwiththebloodycops.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

an epic walk

oh, i've been snapped!

trust me, i never had enough of colour.

Christmas is nearby.
so nah, pokok Christmas perisa donut:

deceive expectation

my blog makes me a what kind of person?

nah, too complicated. try this;

by reading my blog, what do you think of me?


okay lah. macam ni;

kau rasa aku ni orang macam mana?

notakaki: lying for a good purpose is a good thing to do. is it?
notakakikaki: i'm having a strange feeling. what do we call this?
notakakikakikaki: why the hell am i asking too many question?
notakakikakikakikaki: i'm putting a fullstop here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

the power of doodle

it makes you smile every time.

yup, that's me.
with red ribbon and yellow shirt, who do you think it was?

omaigodd, i actually look so pretty in there.
but trust me, my hair isn't that perfect. dammit.

notakaki: kenapa aku doodle diri sendiri macam sangat buruk? i mean literally buruk.

why is traffic light been called as traffic light?

3 soalan tentang traffic light. mari jawab bersama.

oh, tajuk post tak tersenarai dalam list soalan. tapi kalau nak jawab, please do.

1. Pernah tengok traffic light?

mesti jawapan dia pernah kan? tahniah, anda normal!

tapi pernah terfikir tak, kalau orang lukis traffic light, mesti lukis 3 colour serentak. tapi sebenarnya, traffic light mana ada keluar 3 lampu serentak. betul kan? jangan risau, itu bukan tergolong dalam soalan. it is just something to ponder on. mari pergi ke soalan no 2.

tapi soalan ni susah sikit. dah bersedia?

2. Among red, yellow and green, siapa first?

is it this one?

or this one?

or perhaps this one?

hah, i told u, susah kan? its okay, take your time.

sementara tu, mari jawab soalan no 3.

3. Pernah tengok traffic light menyala serentak?

kalau pernah, anda awesome. high five!


soalan bonus:

have you ever ponder on the thing i said pasal traffic light ni?

if you said yes, thank you. it makes me less lunatic.

if you said no, thank you. it makes me more unique.

no regrets, double high five!


i love pacman

notakakikaki: i dont really force you to answer these silly question. yelaaa, siapa lah i ni. ecececeh. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

rainbow is a temporary happiness

cause it last in only few minutes.

why are there so many songs about rainbow?
and what's on the other side?
rainbows are visions, but only illusions.
and rainbows have nothing to hide.

someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me.

Bella Luna

beautiful moon.

mystery the moon, a hole in the sky.
a supernatural nightlight, so full but often right.

notakaki: i'm so addicted to this awesome song. i mean like seriously addicted, over and over again.

notakakikaki: luckily the media didnt kill it just like "i'm yours".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

yummy grapy footy

this is my foot.
with red nail polish.

nope. salah tu!

haaaa. this is my foot.
with red nail polish.

someone told me that i have grape-type-toe.
well with the help of my imagination, it could be like this:

this look delicious. kan?
kalau lapar boleh makan jari kaki sendiri.

okay, that looks creepy.
no, it looks disgusting.
no no, it looks creepy and disgusting.

tapi no worry, it can grow back!



yup memang tiada kena mengena dengan jari kaki.


mari buat jus anggur perisa kaki.


tadaaaaaa! toe juice siap ada nail polish lagi.
tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Monday, December 13, 2010

one kind of proposal

an ant story.

lemon tree

random doodle for nonrandom person.

this is my sugar town.
and you are my sugar rush.

even though i'm one in one hundred people yang still guna paint.
it makes my drawings a lot more awesome. haha.

notakakikaki: the sugar town picture is on my birthday mug from my mom tapi i tambah sikit sikit lah. comel kan?

a little less hawaii

Pangkor, Perak.

breathtaking isn't it?