Sunday, October 30, 2011

aku ada benda nak cakap dengan korang ni


betol ni. serious. and because i'm so famous and everybody loves me,

i get plenty of presents. sampai tak larat nak buka. serious wei.

they even sang me a song. siap request kat radio taw! aku cakap serious ni.

birthday card memang tak yah cerita lah. dari minggu lepas dah dapat.

and i get a giant chocolate cake with 20 candles. kan aku dah kata, aku serious. ish.

cool gila kan jadi aku? kau hader? haha.

nahh aku serious tipu. kau gila ke percaya?

so because i was born on Halloween eve,

i spent my birthday watching Nang Nak dalam bilik. terbaik.
jadi, Nang Nak lah orang pertama yang wish aku happy birthday. memang terbaik.


#ThingsYouWannaDoAt20: i dont wanna be 20.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

go forth.

thats what Levi's said.

see, i even drew my new header. impress tak dengan i?

come on.

i even delete off all my misery posts.
you know why, because i dont want to dissapoint my readers anymore.
i'm not sure if the word 'dissapoint' event exist. haha.

even though i've been a total fucked up blogger this recently, you guys still stick with me.
you guys care to read my post.
and give me support.
and encourage me to draw again.
and i have even more followers now! (HAH!)

and wth, suddenly i just took my mouse and doodle my header.
that's a start aye.

i'm the one whom in break up now, not my readers.
so why the hell i wanna drag them with me.

no worries, wild up your imagination starting from now.
Because she said so. :)

#notakaki: lets see, my last normal post was in August?? woaah. cukup cukup lah tu hanis oi.