Tuesday, November 16, 2010

greatest addiction

before cuti, i promise my friends not to post anything in blogspot.
i'm getting over my addiction and this time, seriously.

1 week of holidays went pretty much well.
tapi Benjamin makin jahat sekarang. siapa Benjamin?

yes, Benjamin is my laptop. he keep on staring at me. trying to get me touch him. he's forcing me to doodle and writing again. grrrrrr. tak Benjamin, tak! kau tak kan menang!

so i put my mind on what am i going to do in this 1 month holiday. yes, i found a plan!

i'm doing laundry. i'm cooking. i'm cleaning the house and i'm gonna watch TV a lot. i'll forget about Benjamin! yeeehhaaaaaa!

so let start by doing the laundry.

colour baju kurung tu luntur. habis semua baju kurung jadi pink. :(

it doesn't went well. oh crap, its okay. maybe i got no talent in doing laundry. maybe, i'm a good cook!

i'm going to be the world greatest chef! muahahaahahahaha! padan muka kau Benjamin!

errr, i dont know that goreng telur will be that hard. *sighh* macam mana telur tu boleh stay jadi bulat kalau kat kedai? *double sighh* its okay, i'm not giving up! maybe i should clean the house.

maybe i'm the super cleaning housewife that my house always look good and my husband will love me more. yes yes, i know it!

i end up sneezing a lot. i cant stand too much habuk. awwwww, now my husband will never love me. cisss! never mind, i can watch a lot of movie in TV and i'll never look at Benjamin. hah! that will do. watching TV will not put much effort isn't it?

i dont think i'm watching the TV. i think the TV is watching me. haihhh. this will not work either.

i think i'm best doing what i'm doing now. doodling and posting blog. so, hello guys. welcome back. :)

yes Benjamin, you won. dammit.

notakaki: Benjamin is not orange, he is black. i hope he is orange.

notakakikaki: esok raya korban. my mom nak buat lamb chop. bahahaaha. we'll see! oh jap, did i mention she cant even goreng telur? haha.

till then, selamat hari raya aidiladha. :)


SyArk BudAk NaKaL said...

aT LAST!!!!!
does all ukm bloggers is on a vow not to write entries except for me??

wann afzan said...

slmt hr ry hanis manis tanis!!

ashraf said...

laptop ko name benjamin. laptop aku pggil lapster.ehehe

arifdzulkiffly said...

kalah nan benjamin..padan mukaa..
yeahh..u r so gifted to doodling and writing hanis..keep it up a good work..


mikhaelahmad said...

glad things work out to the way it is.

mikhaelahmad said...

glad things work out to the way it is.

and salam aidil adha.

Myra Z.A said...

oooo yeahh.seminggu tak lalu makan bila bukak blog xde any updates dari youuuuu.this entry definitely make my dayyyy.haha.

tini colette said...

hey makcik, i've been missing your doodles and you! hope you're doing fine. lots of love to the big haired, red ribbon, yellow blouse, blue pants, red shoes and a gorgeous smile'd girl.


amirdzulkiffly said...

check it out,yaww!
pretty smoke,babe!
awesome art!!

Hanis Manis said...

figuratively 'awesome' right? i know it. haha.

waz said...

hihhihi comel klakar niii~
n u knw wat, ,y guitar's name is benjamin..he's also black...hehehe

ur stuff's funny :D i love em ;)

Hanis Manis said...

awwwwwwwwww mesti ur guitar sangat comel. thanks babe. :)