Friday, August 24, 2012

how my family are weirder than the Addams family #5

this episode is gonna be slightly different as i'm not gonna tell stories about my siblings, but my cousin.

my 10 years old cousin, Myra McCants.

she arrived Malaysia with her Hannah Montana suit case on 10th July 2012 for her summer break. and since i'm having my s0 called summer break, lets just say, its our summer break.

this post is dedicated to her, since she's leaving to US tomorrow. (and because she insists)

that explains the 'fully english' post aye? haha.

so our summer break begins with a lot of trips, piano classes along the month and Meap-ing all the time.

yup, Meap-ing. (there's no such word but trust me, it has a whole lot of meaning)

MARP, she says, is the slow motion of the MEAP. *face palm*

if any of you guys wondering what the heck (i've learned to use this word from her) MEAP means, dont ask me. ask the MEAP-er. *another face palm*

p/s: she just made up a new blogspot, check her out at (that explain her Tshirt aye?) and maybe she can MEAP you, to death. *face palm again*

p/p/s: myra, if you're reading this, google translate this last footnote as this message is for you; selamat tinggal. jumpa lagi tahun depan! saya sayang awak!

p/p/p/s: and oh myra, stop google translating my other posts will ya? pfft.

*drop your MEAP to the floor, you scared you scared*