Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Fragmented Story of Sid and Nancy #1

Hello buubis, long time no see. haa elok lah tu Hanis, kau hilang berbulan bulan lepas tu suka hati panggil orang buubis.

waddup guys? maaf saya menghilang lagi, blame the bloody twitter. haha. tak lah, saya pelajar tahun tiga yang hampir gila, tahu? gila menyiapkan thesis. gila itu, gila ini, gila bebi. lala.

post kali ini just nak berkongsi cerita pendek pertama saya yang akan dicetak tak lama lagi. (pehh, bunyi macam serius) It's an English language story that was set in Malaysian society bla bla bla.
before saya hantar kepada editor dan dicetak, (which is in 2 weeks time. glup!) i want you guys (if i have any of my readers left) to read first. Walaupun cerita fiksyen ini kategori cerita pendek tapi editor saya mahukan minimum 4000 patah perkataan (cerita pendek bak hang), so saya terpaksa lah post setengah setengah dalam blogspot ni. kira macam episod lah. kemain. hihi.

Cerita pendek ini tidak mengandungi kartun merepek dan tiada humor bodoh tahap dewa, its just, hmm..... a piece i wrote. i'm still stupid at writing, so be kind to me and yes, give comments. :)

A Fragmented Story of Sid and Nancy

 “Why won’t you start packing up your things? We need to move in few days,” she said, trying hard to control her voice so that she would not sound as close as yelling. She managed a bitter smile on her face.
Laila shrugged. She looked at her tortoises, Sid and Nancy, which she got on her 21stbirthday. She named them after the famous bassist of the punk group Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Everyone has their favorite love story; either the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet or possessive love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. However, it was Sid and Nancy’s tragic love story that inspired her imagination on the notion of true love. Sid killed her.
“Later,” Laila said under her breath.
“Do you want me to help you? I’m pretty free today,” Anna tried again.
“Nah,” Laila said, motionless.
Anna looked around the room and sigh. “What do you expect me to do? We can’t stay here after what happened,” she brushes her hair with frustration.
“Why not? Why do we always need to run away? I’m sick of being the new girl in school. I’m sick of being lost in the street. Why can’t we just stay and carry on?” Laila snapped. She looked as if she is about to cry.
She is Anna’s only daughter. Anna was only 15 years old when she had her. They were very close when Laila was still young to hold hands. They were like the best of friends. But she never sees her open up herself like this. She always thought Laila is the strong one, just like her father.
“Wow! That’s more than one word. I’m impressed,” she paused and thought how harsh that comes out from her mouth when all she ever wanted is her daughter to talk to her, like how they used to be. “Come on Laila. Don’t complicate things. You know exactly why we have to move,” she said.
“Great,” Laila turned away, looking back at Sid and Nancy. “That’s one word though,” she said.
Anna bit her lips and slammed the door behind her. She stood for a while outside the door and shed a silent tear.
Laila shares the same tears in the room, as silent as her mom. She wonders if Sid is ever going to kill Nancy. Then it would be like dejavu, or back in time. She took her video camera and turned it on, facing the tortoise, just in case she missed out the killing.