Friday, February 25, 2011

Pekan Teater Universiti


"saya bermain teater bukan kerana populariti, tapi kerana seni itu sendiri"
"tapi kalau kita boleh menang dulu, kenapa kita tak boleh menang sekarang?"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ah dem you (hyperbole and a half) - after long time, why do you have to post something new??!!

you make me miss my Candy and some Grass.

what the fuck.


i'm here but its just that i'm afraid i'm not able to imagine things anymore.
i'm afraid of disappointment.

i just need my adrenaline back. my sugar rush.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my imagination starts to fail.

i shut half of myself before but now i'm shutting everything down. half of me is dead but dont worry, i'll find something else to hold on to. to keep surviving.

this is would be my last post. thanks for every support.


he says he wish he can forget me becoz i'm hurting him. so, i pray for his wish to comes true so that i wont hurt him more. sorry.

dari ulat jadi kepompong,

tidur lena dalam kelongsong,
sampai masa kepompong pecah, POM!
jadi rama rama yang indah,
rama rama terbang merata,
sungguh cantik aneka warna,
hisap madu di taman bunga,
tapi sayang hidup tak lama.

*lagu masa tadika.*


this is an origami butterfly.

while this is a real life butterfly.

tell the difference?
one of them knows how the world are.
yah, tahu sangat.

now, tell me the similarity.
no, not that you silly.
they are both drew by me.

what the hell, cant you tell? :)

notakaki: i miss my butterfly origami. so much. its flying too far away now. i'm deadly scared.

Monday, February 21, 2011

(?!) was actually to say WHAT THE HELL?!

i saw a couple fight. the boy was dumping her i guess. because she is the one who keep holding him back. the guy pushes her, but she keeps coming back to him and beg. (?!) the guy walks into the car, start the engine and before he close the door, the girl kneels down and hold his leg. (?!) she keeps on begging to him while holding his leg, kneeling besides the car, crying her heart out. no, actually her eyes out. (?!) he keeps on pushing her but the girl still wont let go. (?!) and after the scene goes on for quite some time, she eventually gets up and walks away. the guy who really wanted to go just now, just stay there in the car, and do nothing. (?!)

woaaaahhh, quite a show isn't? oh no, i'm not a bloody stalker mind you. did i mention its in the public? (?!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

do you ever

have the feelings of loosing hope?

thinking of closing your heart forever to anyone except for the one?

feel like you cant forgive yourself for the entire life?

yes, i'm there at this point. not even crying. not even talking. not even smiling.
just a single bare silence that is killing myself inside.


i feel like i dont need to say goodbye. i just have this feeling like i'll see you again soon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

jangan salahkan ibu yang mengandung

salahkan ikan gapi yang bertelur dalam perut.

ikan gapi berenang renang.
kemudian encik gapi dan cik gapi beradu asmara.
lalu, cik gapi mengandung.
tak nampak kan? mari lihat dekat dekat.

ya. inilah cik gapi yang mengandung.
comel kan perut cik gapi?
dalam tu ada telur ikan.
tak nampak? mari tengok Xtray.

haaaa, itulah telur ikan gapi.
banyak tau, beribu ribu.

setelah beberapa hari, telur cik gapi pun menetas.
menetas dalam perut! fuyoo.
tapi cuma beberapa ekor je yang akan hidup dalam beribu ribu tu.

setelah menetas, cik gapi akan keluarkan anak anak dia dari mulut.
plupp plupp plupp keluar sekor sekor.

dan mereka hidup bahagia sekeluarga.


mungkin dah ramai yang tahu ikan gapi bertelur dalam perut. tapi saya baru tahu harini. jadi, post ini adalah tanda keterujaan saya dan sebagai info kepada mereka yang masih tak tahu.

ikan gapi comel comel rasa macam nak picit guna tangan bagi mati. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Friday, February 18, 2011

wise man says

he says:



macam alam semesta yang makin lama makin berkembang, makin berkembang jugalah kebodohan manusia.

tak kan habis ye dak?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a temporary race

ish, gelapnya. aku tak nampak! macam mana aku nak balik ni?

eh, ada cahaya!

ahhhh jauhnya.... tunggu aku!

tolonglah, tolonglah tunggu aku... aku dah nak sampai ni!

sekejap! tunggu sekejap!! ahh, kaki aku sakit. tolonglah....

ahhhhh! gelap!! aku tak nampak!! tolonglah tuhan, aku nak balik!! tolonglahhhhh!!!

peluang yang datang cuma sekali; dah terlepas baru nak ingat Tuhan? titik.

notakaki: mungkin patut beli lilin yang lebih mahal. tahan lama sikit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

even Love hates his job

i'm going to tell you a story about Mr. Love and why he hates his job so much.

according to birth certificate, his real name is Love. his been living in the world since before the world exist. quite old huh? however, when the world has been separated to specific areas, Mr Love starts to have many kind of names.

and you know what? Mr Love apparently is a very famous person. every time there is someone mention his name, he'll be there. he had traveled around the world up to where the iceberg were placed. yes, although he is blind, he is super fast. he also can be at multi places in one time.

even though he had lived for almost forever, he has a birthday. and because he is super famous, his birthday was celebrated by everybody around the world. everybody adores him. like, seriously. during his birthday, people will be giving chocolates, flowers and even condoms. yes, condoms. because on his birthday, it is the perfect day to make love. haaaa, see. i told you people like him.

on his birthday, everybody in the world will turned out to be romantic, lovable, caring and all other sweet bullshits. because, Mr Love here is very romantic, mind you. so everyone wants to be romantic too.

in the night, they will be making a lots of love. yelaaa, to show how much they appreciate love towards each other. awwwwwwwwww, sweet gila kan? poor Mr Love, he has to witness their love game every year. lucky enough he is blind. kan?

even though he is hailed on his birthday as in the fairytale, but the day after it is a nightmare.

ouccchhh! pity him. people used his birthday just to get laid, just to hooked up or perhaps just to sell flowers. they dont really know the meaning of love. isn't it? sigh, even i cant tell what love is. they'll worship love for one moment but later they'll fuck it. darn it.

so that's why he hates his job so much.


UPDATE: mengapa salahkan cinta itu buta sedangkan pencinta itu sendiri yang buta hati buta mata? ah, kenapa aku bicara soal cinta?

notakaki: lagi 4 hari 14 February but i will be extremely busy these days so posted it in advance.
notakakikaki: ish bukan busy jual bunga lah! dem.

Monday, February 7, 2011

cerita sebuah kerusi

aku sebuah kerusi.

ah, aku cuma sebuah kerusi.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the power of raggae

the power of bob marley.

legalize it dude.

the obligation to lie

remember the story of Pinocchio? the blue fairy and the talking cricket?

a puppet boy that was told not to tell lies or his nose will grew longer, not to be afraid or his feet will go shorter. he was sent to school to get proper education as normal kid but was led astray by his own curiosity.

he went through a lot of adventure in seeking his self identity.

he was change physically into a donkey.

he was eaten by whale.

but at the end, he learn his mistakes and because of his good deeds, he turned into a real boy.

a good story to be an example for children aye? parents would teach their kids that it-is-wrong-to-tell-a-lie-and-what-happen-if-you-lie stuff using this story.

"ha, u better dont lie sweetheart , or your nose will go longer just like pinocchio!"

as a kid, that's enough to scare them to death, no?

however, the issue here people, how can we teach them not to lie with lies?

- People like to be lied to. They just don't like finding out they've been lied to.

a thing called changes

my hearts talking but i dont know if i can hold on to it.
what people will say?

a shit called doubt is growing in me. dammit.

UPDATE: ini gambar bajet cun saya. sekian.