Friday, October 29, 2010

aku nak try fikir title post yang boleh buat orang baca tapi bila fikir balik tak pelah kalau tak nak baca.

30th post on 30 october.

hey Hawa, genius can't spell. how about that?

okay, second day exam get me real fucked up. nak tahu kenapa? sebab ada seorang pengawas peperiksaan-yang-tade-kerja-sangat cakap i dah melanggar etika pakaian. ohooooo. the irony part is, i'm wearing a decent baju kemeja lengan panjang with skinny and pump shoes. where the hell is the melanggar etika part is?! oh crap. mungkin aku patot pakai bikini or a short tight dress that would make my boobs look bigger. on the second thought, maybe i should.

mungkin baru mamat-poyo-tade-kerja-sangat tu akan cakap, YAY! U PASS! btw, he took my exam slip and wrote my name in a red sheet of paper and says: "ini amaran pertama". oh fuck you. hey, i drew you something. nah:

oh no. i was wrong to give you yellow. that's my favourite colour. so nah, i give you plenty of green. because i hate green, and obviously i hate you.

that's right. fuck you biatch. eh, on the third thought, i was wrong again, i should never give you any colour. because you know what, you dont deserve one! so nah, take this!

oh, even better, go fuck yourself and die. yah, that sounds better.

but but, i wanna say thank you, no, A LOT OF THANK YOU to another pengawas peperiksaan-yang-tade-kerja-jugak-tapi-dia-tak-kecoh. because abang yang baik hati ni dah back up i beriya iya. woaahhhhhh. terharu.

"kenapa amik slip dia?"
"baju dia jarang"
"apa yang jarangnya? tak jarang pon"
"jarang lahhh"
"tak lah. tak nampak pape pon"

eventhough how hard he tried, i still dapat first warning. obviously. or else i wont be cursing this bad. but yah, the fact yang dia nak jugak back up tu buat aku rasa macam nak jerit and say, "wei, you're so sweet like cotton candy with a lot of marshmallow!"

i drew you a picture:

with a lot of colourful smiley and a background of my favourite colour. =)

okay dah enough of the cursing part.

today is my last 'teen' birthday. Happy Birthday bitch. *wink*

i'm giving myself a big rainbow cake that would make my eyes sparkling with a blue star. and my mouth smile bigger than my face.

UPDATE: actually i'm writing this post before 30 october and while writing this, i know my crazy little friends is up to something. trust me. i just know. haha. how sweet. :')

UPDATE: hah. at last! the truth reveals.

*lampu suddenly off*

ayat si budak budak berpura pura: "wei asal gelap gila ni? macam mana nak belajar?"
ayat budak blur tak tau apa: "jap ah. nanti adalah tu"


oh fuck. oh fuck. oh fuck. nak buat muka apa ni? haha.


there were myra si perempuan gila, farah my girlfriend, her cute roxxstar, aween, farah D and megat yang amik gambar ni.

this is a birthday card from all of them.
nampak kat lidah tu ada ape?
piercing mind you. haha.
and and tiga piercing kat telinga kanan.
every single details count.

lets read farah's wish:

10 things why i love you so much.

1. because you're hot.
2. because you remind me of my sister.
3. because you're thin and i really want your body. (i hate you)
4. because we share so many things in common.
5. your boobies drool me away. :P
6. because you're the coolest person in KTHO.
7. your hair is amazing.
8. you're a GREAT friend.
9. you're fun to be with.
10. you are the sexiest bitch ever. (drooling)

ohoo and myra says:

i love your hair. it smells like shit and thats why i love you, biatch!

at the back of the card, they put a list of 19 items in a goody bag. i have to find each item and tick at the boxes.

yang paling penting, they bought me a fragrant texture condom. yes, a condom. haha.

thanks for everything. i could'nt say more. :')

UPDATE: tyra, that is the most horrible birthday song i ever heard. haha!

UPDATE: i juz found out you un-follow me in blogspot. i triple checked because i couldnt believe my eyes. that is reallly immature. congrats.

UPDATE: i woke up this morning, no, this afternoon, and i forgot its my birthday.

UPDATE: i deleted my last update so that i dont put bad impression on my sweet fucking birthday. wei, kad kau comel gila and ada rumput comel, and kaler kaler comel dat put a lot of effort and 19 comel reasons. fuck, comel gila. thanks. :')

UPDATE: i'm still waiting for that one person. today is my birthday, kau lupa ke?

UPDATE: oh i juz found out that i was wrong. i ingat i macam dah tau diorang nak buat something last night. rupenya tak. i memang clueless gila. my suspicions salah do.

UPDATE: oh dah update gambar baru. sebab baru edit. haha.


syarky ibrahim said...

korea adalah sebuah tempat yang menarik dan bijak mempromosikan negaranya jadi jika sebuah lori bawak epal dan pir brek mengejut,kmau ingat tak saya dah wish bday kamu?

Zie said...

weh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! lost ur number so wish kt sini jelah en en

Hanis Manis said...

errrrr yah i remember tapi ape kene mengene dgn korea again?

haha, btw, thanks.

Hanis Manis said...

yelah cik huzie oi!!!!! thanks! :D

wann afzan said...

owh2!! happy bday gf!! *kissesssss*

ezzasygs said...

pengawas tade kerja tu memang poyo gila.
menyampah i tgk.

yes, memang rambut you lawa. sumpah i jeles.

Hanis Manis said...

thanks gf!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Hanis Manis said...

eh lupe plak, ezza, memang dia poyo. tapi jalan kat tempat i banyak banyak kali sambil senyum senyum. cett.

thanks babe! :D

echa said...

happy befday haniss maniisss;)

syarky ibrahim said...

hipopotamus adalah badak air tapi hipopotalamus adalah bahagian otak jadi memang takde kena mengena bday kamu dengan korea dan saya pun tak cakap ada kena mengena... lalalalalala

p/s:otak mereng layan titas..

Hanis Manis said...

echa: thanks syg! :*

syarky: okay i get it. ahaha.

Zie said...

kne "cik" lak aku....bila masa aku jd biatch nih??

yang bernama wanita. said...

hahaha nak wish kat sini plakkk ! happy budayy anis :D

arifdzulkiffly said...

hppy belated birthday perempuan yang sewel2 cute..
ur drawing make me cheer up mysef..
thnx gurl.. :)

Hanis Manis said...

awwwwwwwwwww. thanks dude. :)