Saturday, February 5, 2011

the obligation to lie

remember the story of Pinocchio? the blue fairy and the talking cricket?

a puppet boy that was told not to tell lies or his nose will grew longer, not to be afraid or his feet will go shorter. he was sent to school to get proper education as normal kid but was led astray by his own curiosity.

he went through a lot of adventure in seeking his self identity.

he was change physically into a donkey.

he was eaten by whale.

but at the end, he learn his mistakes and because of his good deeds, he turned into a real boy.

a good story to be an example for children aye? parents would teach their kids that it-is-wrong-to-tell-a-lie-and-what-happen-if-you-lie stuff using this story.

"ha, u better dont lie sweetheart , or your nose will go longer just like pinocchio!"

as a kid, that's enough to scare them to death, no?

however, the issue here people, how can we teach them not to lie with lies?

- People like to be lied to. They just don't like finding out they've been lied to.


kassim said...

doodle awak comel comel belaka. SUMPAH SERANAH AWESOME!

Valossa Vicious said...


"how can we teach them not to lie with lies?"

Good one, captain.

Sometimes parents lied in the most inadvertent way too. Like when they said, "You'll be a great man one day".

Then he became the greatest bank-robber. Still great, though.

Hanis Manis said...

@Mr V: indeed. yang lagi terbaik kalau bab2 pantang ni. jangan duduk kat tangga nanti kahwin lambat, jangan nyanyi kat dapur nanti kahwin orang tua. hahaha. bare naked lies huh?

tapi kadang kadang boleh buat cuak. heee.