Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my imagination starts to fail.

i shut half of myself before but now i'm shutting everything down. half of me is dead but dont worry, i'll find something else to hold on to. to keep surviving.

this is would be my last post. thanks for every support.


he says he wish he can forget me becoz i'm hurting him. so, i pray for his wish to comes true so that i wont hurt him more. sorry.


ashraf said...

jangan begini dong :(

GG said...


ghost writer said...


common yar...dont do this.dont.

gabanMorka said...

u'll come back rite?

delarocha said...

easy come, easy go

waz said...

i gerenti u nyesal, hanis. i know the experience that we get from these sorts of situations defines us and who we are..but in order to have that; u hv to be able to stand your ground through those situations. n not running from it.

believe me. ive been through similar shoes. not that pair exactly; but one that's almost like it..
so, think abt it carefully.
if u still wana go, then go. dont come back.


inspirasiizra said...

alaaaaa, why stop maaa,,

x leh la nengok blog color2 lagi =(

MATAHARI said...

please do come back when u are ready,

baik2 hanis.

Larasephia said...

will be right here waiting for you

see what have u done to me? From a girl who was once in intense love with Children Of Bodom, I am now humming to Richard Marx because I laid on your grass and ate your candy!!

melon. said...


anOOan said...

john gray ever said in his book; girls, they will always cast down to the deepest surface before they start to jump high.

good luck on your way ups & down

Amelia Rice said...

How did you get the chat box on a blog? I've had some requests for one on my blog.

Thanks! Keep up the amazing blog!!! Love it!

- Amelia Rice