Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ah dem you (hyperbole and a half) - after long time, why do you have to post something new??!!

you make me miss my Candy and some Grass.

what the fuck.


i'm here but its just that i'm afraid i'm not able to imagine things anymore.
i'm afraid of disappointment.

i just need my adrenaline back. my sugar rush.


ghost writer said...

yeah!i know u'll back.

mana mungkin dapat lupakan grass ko yang segar dan candy ko yang penuh kemanisan.

Anonymous said...

u followed hyperbole and a half too? hi5!

Larasephia said...

eat MORE marshmallows!!!

HEROICzero said...

cantik kartun nya. =)


aRaN said...

apa masalah awak ??

cheers up la plzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Valossa Vicious said...

When I saw your entry last time I was about to say, "Please don't go, I'm gonna miss you...."

But I didn't.

But then again, imagination, they come and go. When you feel like writing and you can't contain that brilliant idea anymore, then you're free to do that anytime you want to. You don't have to conform to other's expectations. What's best is to enjoy what you do. If you need to, then take a rest. Unless you have other reasons, no?

I'll always love the way your brain works.


ashraf said...


ZuLFaDZli *JoE* HAsSaN said...

glad u've come back~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheRebelKid/PrmpnDkwtMrh said...

i used to be in this state. feeling like, omg, am i gonna lose my sense of art now? the brain is like, dead. but then again, the ideas just came. your candies might help, perhaps? haha.

Dark Half said...

thanks for introducing hyperbole and a half
seems like i'm the one who's outdated. that is such a wayyy too long entry i've ever read. awesome!

now i know how you come out wit this blog concept. i'm waiting for ur next cutie entry