Friday, December 24, 2010

POTA : The Curse of the Bella Luna

directed by, Candy and some Grass.

presenting you:

this is not a pirate story, but it is a story about pirates.

Let it begins.


the story started when the greatest ship ever, Bella Luna, was stolen from her captain. she was stolen by the cruel Captain Nakajima.

however, Bella Luna can only be handled by her one and only captain. it wont bring any pleasure for whomever that stole her from her captain. so, Captain Nakajima was cursed that he would not have any feeling for the rest of his life. and the only thing that can give him pleasure is the sea of god's comic book.

yup, seriously, trust me.

to cut the story short, Bella Luna's captain has the comic book. irony is it? you might be wondering who is the captain of Bella Luna, right? well, keep watching then.

meanwhile, Bella Luna's captain is trying to get a ship so that she could go and catch Captain Nakajima. she had no other way other than to steal the government ship at Putrajaya.

as predicted, she survived from all the police in Putrajaya. hey, she's the glamorous most prestige and super cool captain after all, mind you. she manage to steal the fastest ship in Malaysia and sail it straight to Tortuga.

there in Tortuga, she find her old best crew, Mrs Sugar Town, to make a plan on getting back Bella Luna.

after great talk, they had a deal.

so they led straight to Germany. specifically, Amsterdam.

they found Bella Luna as well as Captain Nakajima and his whole crew. they both got what they need in each other; Captain Hanis Manis wants her Bella Luna and Captain Nakajima wants the sea god's comic book. so, Captain Hanis Manis begins to make a great deal so that no one would get hurt - fair and square.

this is a story about pirates. of course the deal doesn't work out. duhh. so they start the sword fight.

9 hours passed by and they still fighting. none of them is raising white flag.

15 hours passed by......

29 hours passed by......

45 hours passed by......

4 days later...................

at last! and that's the end of Captain Nakajima. with his comic book of course.

so, Captain Hanis Manis got back her precious Bella Luna and start sailing freely on the ocean.


oh ya, the ship that was stolen in Putrajaya is still in Amsterdam. just in case Captain Nakajima got back from death.


not too bad for my first movie isn't it?

notakaki: wait up for the next POTA: The Dead's Man Brain
notakakikaki: its when Captain Hanis Manis was eaten by the giant jellyfish.
notakakikakikaki: the Putrajaya's ship was named Downwiththebloodycops.


kiMi said...

death once doesnt mean death forever...!!i'll back for my precious ship..hahahaha

Bella Luna said...

ahh! harapan ah! u ada hutang dengan putrajaya kot. bahahahahaha.

Acid said...

menarik! xsabar tunggu POTA part 2!

SyArk BudAk NaKaL said...

hahhahahaha... terbaik!!!

FH said...

good story. hehe (padahal aku takpaham) hee

Bella Luna said...

acid: haha. okay! tunggu!

syark: teehee. thanks do.

FH: kau dah tengok POTC 1 belom? kalau kau dah tgk kau akan faham. sbb jalan cerita sama, dialog sama cuma nama, setting and few craps je tambah2.

oh, mungkin few craps tu yg kau x faham eh? hee.

| Larasephia | said...

god, this is too cute! Haha
can u please make sure there'll be a part 2 sooon?

Bella Luna said...

larasephia: gosh, thanks. coming up. :)

arifdzulkiffly said...

ok. double thumbs up..
thanks again coz really ma8 my day..
laughing all the night long..hanis..hanis..youre such a sumting.. keep up a good work gurl!

tini colette said...

im wondering, macam mana boleh ada polis? did you fight on land? you lawan depan ofis Dto najib eh? hoho. lepas ni selamatkan la the goddess of all candy. haha. merepek.

Bella Luna said...

arif: yah will do! thanks!

tini: tsk. ada laa polis. dlm cerita POTC pon ada polis2. hee. haah laa i perang atas darat. dekat depan skatepark putrajaya. haha. yah, perhaps. ;D

lavender harum wangi said...

suka baca ur doodles.. aku dh link kan blog ko kat bloglist aku, supaya tak ter"miss" POTA part2.. hahaha :D chill~

:Penthius: said...

+Haha, that's juz cute, thx 4 the comment dear. ^^.
+Hope to c more doodles. =D

Bella Luna said...

cik lavender: haha thanks. okay then. :)

jane: coming up!

nadiado zainal said...

true story?

Bella Luna said...

haha. i wish so. i wish i was a pirate.

danielmooseyo said...


mikhaelahmad said...

so, Captain Hanis Manis kasi balik la komik tu? pemurah sungguh beliau. wiwwiit~

Bella Luna said...

of coz. she's the most honest pirate a pirate can be. haha. lagipon dia tak suka baca buku komik.

mikhaelahmad said...

i tot she said, "take what u can", replied by "give nothing back". so much of honesty eyh.

Bella Luna said...

mybe atas dasar simpati. hee.

Valossa Vicious said...

I enjoyed this story for two things, pirates and the land of Mary Jane.

I have this feeling that this fiction is weaved with non-fiction. Heh.

Keep drawing coz you brighten up my day.

Hanis Manis said...

Mr V: a great combination right? haha. its totally fiction, mind you. :)