Wednesday, December 22, 2010

deceive expectation

my blog makes me a what kind of person?

nah, too complicated. try this;

by reading my blog, what do you think of me?


okay lah. macam ni;

kau rasa aku ni orang macam mana?

notakaki: lying for a good purpose is a good thing to do. is it?
notakakikaki: i'm having a strange feeling. what do we call this?
notakakikakikaki: why the hell am i asking too many question?
notakakikakikakikaki: i'm putting a fullstop here.


kiMi said...

notakaki :mmg bagus pon tipu utk kebaikan tp ble orng tue dpt taw die kne tipu...u paham2 lah...

notakaki:its call bad feeling,,izzit?

notakaki:u think too mmuch...


waz said...

i think you're an outspoken-happy-easygoing-fun-young-normal person :>

that's what youre blog told me about yourself.

asking questions is a good thing. it'll make u 'move' and 'go' somewhere. ie improve :)

Valossa Vicious said...

Too many kakis there.

Well I just knew you but from this post I gotta say, you're a tad indecisive. Yes?

Bella Luna said...

megat: i've been lying a lot in my blog. how's that?

garisgarishalus: what if i'm not actually what u expect me to be?

valossa: yup. most of the time i guess.

| Larasephia | said...

I wont put any adjectives hereby, because just like looks, words could be deceiving too.

lying for a good purpose is a good thing to do, no? :)

I LOVE your header. Make one for me? ;)

Bella Luna said...

yah, ur right. words cant describe someone thoroughly.
maybe one day, tell me ur birthday then. :)

arifdzulkiffly said...

ur blog has made u as ursef.. :D the real HANIS..
thats the right thng to do..YES??
and..i stil put your WORD in my mind..

Bella Luna said...

the real hanis? well, maybe. 50% kot.
ermmm, which word eh?

ur my sweetest follower, i mean that. and the best thing is, i dont even know u. :)

Acid said...

seorang pencinta lukisan kanak-kanak?

Bella Luna said...

yah. sangat. :D

arifdzulkiffly said...

i bet..this word will remind u bck..
"ish nape sedih sedih ni? nanti i lukis kan u something okay? :)
By Hanis Manis on _ _ _ _!!! on 11/6/10 "

then..get to know me.. :p

Bella Luna said...

i said that? wow. i sendiri tak percaya. hee. tpi i belom lukis tuk u kan? nape tak tuntut?

nah, its better this way. :)

arifdzulkiffly said...

that was the WORD that came out from u... :)
HANIS MANIS@BELLA LUNA@RAINBOW & A LOT OF CANDY,dengan ini,saya arif ingin menuntut janji-janji manis-MU!

jst suit ursef then.. ;)

waz said...

garisgarishalus: what if i'm not actually what u expect me to be?

its ok..its what my mind wants you to be 'you' in my mind..hahah belit2. x pa la..yg penting nya, u know who u are, n u chose what u wana show to people...we cant b barenaked to the whole lot kan :) atleast thats what i believe :)

Bella Luna said...

i totally agree. kalau i jujur sngt pon, i rasa only few people je boleh accept i. tapi dont worry, the things u said to me is exactly what i am. cuma the bad side of me je tade dlm blog ni. :)