Monday, August 30, 2010

cooling rhyno

kenapa badak symbolizes cooling down?
kenapa tak benda lain yang lebih kecil mungkin.

"when i left you, i felt pain in my chest. i thought i have chest congestion so i tried to eat ginger a lot. but the pain wouldn't go away."

................"at the moment i saw you, its okay. my pain just vanished."

my name is Khan, and i'm not a terrorist.

tanggal tiga puluh satu, bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh. hari yang mulia, hari bahagia, sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka. mari kita seluruh warga negara, ramai ramai menymbut hari Merdeka, Merdeka!

lagu merdeka setiap tahun tapi tak pernah nak hafal.

merdeka? ask me about it. 19 years of living, still figuring out what independence is all about. what is the purpose of celebrating it. dulu dulu, sebab nak raikan kebebasan kita dari penjajahan. habis sekarang? macam dah tak berapa nak releven. dont you think so?

tanya budak budak kecil, they say, thats the day when they dont have to go to school and the day before that, they had party in school and get flags for free. oh really.

ask a teenager or i like to call preadult, they say, its the time when we can see concert and chaosity. a perfect time to get high, to get drunk, to get a independence-baby, because after all, ini kan hari merdeka, hari kebebasan. oh i see. tapi buat benda benda ni hari lain pon boleh kan? kena hari merdeka jgk eh?

ask an adult, they say its a no working time. tolong basuh kereta please? err is that an answer?

ask folks, they will start the history story; how difficult it was that time, how misery it was, how starve it was, how terrified it was and whatnot. then they will continue with the-ungratefulness-of-people-nowadays speech. lastly, it end with a little tears. how emotional.

please do tell me if you have the answer on the meaning of independence day. dont worry, there is no right and wrong answer. its your own thought after all. :)

watak watak dalam cerita ini benar sama sekali.
makan durian banyak banyak buat rasa cam nak buka baju di khalayak ramai.
yellow yellow, dirty fellow.

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