Wednesday, July 31, 2013

“Kenapa pandang saya macam tu?”

The thing is I never truly say how much I love this guy. I’m not sure if he knows. Well, I’m not sure I know either.
I'm not a songwriter, not even a poet. So I write. 

It started off dengan absurdity yang maksima but what’s normal in this messed up world isn’t? If normal relationship begins with “Hai, nak kenal. Sudi tak awak jadi yang sah untuk saya?”
Tolong sumbat saya dengan apam balik sampai tercekik dan mati. I had enough of that.
Everybody’s messed up, why bother to be normal? Why not fall in love instead? :3

I like the way he pretended not to care when I fall sick but silently order air suam dan Panadol.

I like the way he secretly create songs for me.

I like the way he covertly tells the whole world about me.

I like the way he always say I’m ugly but silently whisper “Awak cantik”.

I like the way he always pick a fight with me.

I like the way he call me all sort of ridiculous names. 
“Hoi compact!" |"Mok, buatkan air!" | "Nestle, jumpa nanti.” :)

I like the way he always make a point that I’m a 90’s.
“Muka awak macam Alien Workshop terbalik.”
“Alien workshop tu apa?”
“Hehh. So 90’s”
"What's your fucking problem?"
"Hehh, 90's."  -.-

I like the way we agree to disagree on almost everything.

We never put hope in the future because both of us gone through the same cliché before.
We’re the how, why, where, when, what we love.
This relationship may not be the last but screw ambiguity aye?
Tiada yang pasti. Kalau nak kepastian, pasti tak bercinta.

“Kenapa pandang saya macam tu?”
"Saya jatuh cinta dengan awak berkali-kali."

My name is you, and i speak for you.


i'msosupernotcool said...

and you still writing. i see.

Hanis Manis said...

Hey Fuck the Super Not Cool! Cool that you've commented. haha. i am, i will. :)

Qiez Medusa AR said...

super sweet I got diabetes soon after I finish reading this!

Hello Hanis. You're still very the manis. :)

Anonymous said...

si manih melecaih :0