Friday, March 28, 2014

Coz today i feel like writing.

Yellow! *lambai*

Sebab harini saya nak menulis. Hey Ho Let's Go!

10 Most Important Things Happened To Me During The Time I Didn't Blog - which is 9 months ago. Bapak lama. 

1. I graduated from UKM. can you believe it? With first class degree, even i don't believe it. 

2. Gushcloud, an influencer marketing network. We make money for bloggers, and we make them more famous. I've been working here for nearly one year, switching from Hungrygowhere Malaysia team to Gush Studios. 

In Hungrygowhere, i eat. I eat a lot. I've gained 6kg in 6 months. That's like 1kg per month. That's like 1000g per month. That's like i'm fat. That's like, okay, maybe i should stop there. I was the On-Ground Community Manager, so i run food events. and i eat too. 

In Gush Studios, I work with YouTubers to create branded content. Ini kool, serious. Now that people don't watch TV and listen to radio anymore, brands are moving from traditional to digital spaces. And because in-house production commercials dah semakin (fill in the blank), people now are more comfortable to engage YouTubers. So that's how they make money. 50k for 3 mins video, tell me you don't want to be a freaking YouTuber. 

So if you're a YouTuber, or a serious blogger who wants to make a lot of money, email me here: (nampak tak macam semakin matang sekarang? I even have my owe name card dude.)

3. I got a baby brother, Muhammad Arsyad. He's now 9 months old dan baru tumbuh dua batang gigi. Before you ask, yes, 22 years gap is really awkward. Hm. 

4. I broke someone's heart, in the cruelest way possible. To that person, i owe him my life. 

5. 19th April 2013. To this person, i gave him my hand and my whole life too. <3 div="">

6. Cita cita nak jadi ikan duyung tercapai; my hair is fucking blue. 

7. I haven't stop cursing. I'm trying my best here, give me some chances guys. 

8. I'm 23 years old this year. I still remember the first time i started this blog, I was 19 years old. In less than 1 month, Pretty Awesome is turning 4. woot woot. 

9. I bought my own car, it's yellow. Well of course it's yellow, tak kan hijau pulak. She's 1 month old, her name is D. Not dick you perv, but Daffodils. 

10. I'm alive. 


Additional tracks:

11. I rarely read books now, i hate myself for that. 

12. I hardly doodle now, i super hate myself for that. 

13. I don't believe #MH370 crashed. 

14. I'm fat. Eh, DejaVu. 

15. I think i'm obsessed with hair styles now, pakwe saya mungkin akan tinggal saya dalam masa sebulan. K. 


Cukup lah ye dak. Selamat!


DoodleDesign said...

Congrats for your new Yellow car :)
Seriously? Blue hair??

si ngokngek said...

dg graduated??congrats walaupun macam dah terlambat.hiks

same with you
11.rarely read book dah bnyak habis duit sbb addicted sangat.ah poket kering