Friday, May 10, 2013

A Fragmented Story of Sid and Nancy #4

Sid swam happily in the aquarium while Nancy was stuck between the mini coconut tree figuring. She’s too small, as if she never grows. She is exactly the size of fifty cents and her shell is still so green. To compare to Sid who grew bigger than a palm with a brown-ish shell, Laila always thought there is something wrong with her. She stirred the water using a knife that was smeared with blood. The water in the aquarium turns red. She took the turtle pallets and chopped it, like a professional chef. She thought it will be easier for Nancy to chew, since she has a tiny mouth.
God, she missed her mom. Now why would God have anything to do with this?
“Ha ha ha,” Laila laughed with tears streaming down her cheek. She finds it funny to miss her mom, her nag, her mumbles, her sigh, her voice, her laugh, her smile; just after six minutes of killing her. She turned around to check if Anna is still there behind the door, sitting with her eyes wide open and a bleeding hole in her stomach. Laila waved at her mother and smiled. Her mom didn’t wave back, of course.
     She put the chopped pallets in the aquarium and walked to the bed. She checked her phone and threw it away when there’s no reply from him. She started to make negative assumptions, a lot of questions spinning in her head. She dropped her body on the bed, lying down still. As still as her mother. She was so stressed out when her mother came to her room to give her the pills she need to take after couple of hours. She was waiting intensely for the reply. When Anna comes in, she keep asking her again and again, “Where’s is he? Where is he? Where is Ahmad mom?” Her voice is so high that her blood rushed to her face.
“Calm down Laila. There is no Ahmad. We’ve talked about this. Ahmad is not real, he is not real, Laila,” she repeated herself. When she saw her daughter looking down at the floor, she held her shoulder and wiped her tears. “There’s only you and me, puppet. I’m here, I’m always here am I?”
“He came in last night, you know. When you are asleep. He walked pass your room and came to mine. Look here,” she showed her the bruises, “he did this to me. So much for surreal ha?” She smirks. She pushed Anna’s hand off her shoulder.
“Oh my God, where do you get this?” Anna panicked. The blue-greenish bruise is worse than the last time. “Why Laila? Why do you keep doing this? Enough already! I don’t even know my daughter anymore,” she cried.
“I didn’t do it! Can’t you listen to me, I didn’t do it! He did! Why can’t you trust me for a second mom? Why do you hate me so much?” Laila yelled at her mother, defending herself.
“Stop it!” Anna slapped her.
Laila backed off and she took the knife that she kept under her pillow and stabbed her mother before she could scream. Anna held her injury, pressing it hard to give her a little more time while she looked at Laila. She brushed her daughter’s hair and cheek, she smiled. She knew the time will come eventually. She couldn’t help it, she loves her too much. She is the only best thing that ever happens to her.
“I’ll always love you, puppet.” Anna said under her breath before fell down to the floor.
Laila didn’t cry at all. She put the knife on the aquarium and dragged her behind the door. She didn’t want Ahmad to see her.

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