Friday, May 10, 2013

A Fragmented Story of Sid and Nancy #3

(16 years ago)
“Hey baby girl! Come give daddy a kiss!” Adam said with arm spread open. Laila didn’t move, didn’t even look. “See what I’ve bought you!” Adam tried again. Laila looked up and that makes Adam so happy. Laila saw a brown bear wrapped in a see-through wrapper with a purple ribbon. She smiled.
“Come and give me a hug and you can get Mr. Teddy,” the 21 years old father said. He’s quite a looker, that’s where Laila got her brownish hair from.
Laila walked towards him and snatched the teddy bear away. Perhaps Adam wasn’t expecting the situation, so he loose grip of the bear. “Hey, that’s cheating! Where’s my big hug?” Adam teased. Laila was just like a normal 5 years old girl who likes teddy bear, or so he thought.
Adam played with her hair and asked, “Do you like Mr.Teddy?” Laila didn’t nod nor shake her head, she just looked at it. “I love you munchkin, you’re my favorite wonders of the world.” drops of tears can be seen at his eyes.
Laila managed to open the big purple ribbon, so she gave him a big smile. Adam thought he saw an angel smiling so he took her in his arm, hugging her with full of love. “Oh Laila,” he muttered.
That is when Laila strangled him with the purple ribbon. She strangled him so hard till Adam couldn’t breathe. It was difficult for him to push her aside because of the cramped space between the sofa and the television cabinet. Besides that, Laila was standing before him while he was kneeling. Thus their position gives Laila the stronger stand.
Laila twisted her hand with the purple ribbon, making the grip tighter. Adam is gasping for air, he tried to pull her away but she was gripping on him so tightly. Her strength was unbelievable. Adam runs out of air and his body becomes weak. Laila still gripped the ribbon tightly at her father’s neck even though her father stopped struggling. She lowered down her head to whisper.
“My name is Ahmad, daddy,” she smiled and kiss him on the cheek.
That was her first murder.

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