Friday, May 10, 2013

A fragmented Story of Sid and Nancy #2

She stretched her arm and shook her long hair. She colored it green towards the tip of her hair, and kept it black from the root to the middle part of it. She can still remember how shocked her mom was when she saw her green hair. She tried to hide it in the beginning, tying it up in a bun, but while later, she decides not to bother.  She’s 21 years old; she’s legal to get her hair colored.
She played her favorite song from Sex Pistols in her playlist, ‘God Save the Queen’, and turned the volume to the loudest. Her mom was not in the house, you see. It’s not like she would care if her mom got angry, she even like the idea of pissing her mom off. But she just hate the thought of her mom will come up to her room, pound her door and nag about being deaf in 20 years time. Blergh.
She walked towards Sid and Nancy, and took the video camera to charge the battery. She checked the recorded video but there was no sign of the killing yet. She noticed that Sid has grown bigger than Nancy so she took Nancy out from the aquarium and gave extra pallets to her. Just to be fair, or as fair as it needs to be. She looked closely at Nancy to check if there was some kind of bruise or injury like how she realized there was a blue-greenish bruise on her arm this morning. None. She wondered where she got that bruise but she can’t even remember the time she got in last night.
Then, she smiled.
She picked up her phone and wrote a message, “Were you here last night?”
Message sent.


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