Monday, April 25, 2011

how my family are weirder than the Addams family #1

its a new series. yup, a series of reality.

this is not a world serious global economic or society sarcasm series so if you are not into it, dont start to read; because you'll be reading more after that. haha.

i used to tell stories about how-weird-my-family-can-be and weird-stuff-they-are-doing or sometimes a-whole-lot-of-imagination-embedded-in-their-mind to my friends.

'their' here refer to my family which include me.

so this series will be a narrative fiction actually because it does really happen in my home. and the characters were real too. seriously saying, everything were real. sometimes imagined when needed. hihi.

and i'll be mixing the language too. well, i do speak Malay at home, mind you.

lets start the first series with the family portrait and a little bit of description ya?

Mdm Anna, 44 years old.
she always think she's the best cook ever
even goreng telur pun kadang kadang hangus.

Haqim, 21 years old.
the only guy in the family.
a fan of marilyn manson.
listen to hard music and his room is a big no no entrance.

hanis, 20 years young.
no need to tell lah about this girl.

eqa, 17 years old.
she's a cheerleader, a Kadet Remaja Sekolah trainer for Petaling,
a photographer for school magazine and a part time flowerist.
supersonic i guess.

adeq, 14 years old.
she loves to read. like seriously.
she's a nutrition-facts freak.
she wants to be a soldier and open up a kindergarten.
(?) wth.

adah, 7 years old.
this little girl has imagination way too wide.
and the creator of Prince John.

so yah, thats about the characters. you'll know more throughout the series.

ya, aku memang tiada benda lain nak cakap dalam blog aku dan otak aku dah kekurangan benda ilmiah dan serious nak dibincangkan.

kau boleh cakap aku tergolong dalam blogger yang cerita pasal boring daily live, yah whatever bullshit. so, apa masalah kau? haha.

the second series will be the upcoming entry. :)

notakaki: sorry lah matahari. otak serious tak nak berfikir i guess. hihi.


Anonymous said...

haha, but u really spread the laughing gas all around me.

hana sudradjat said...

awesome! :) reminds me of fox trot suddenly. i'm looking forward for more. xD

Enaj said...

+So cute! Can't wait. xD

Acid said...

ok. adek ang mmg style. nk jadik tentera yg bukak tadika. mmg style! (- -")

Mia L. said...

U rfamily ni dah boleh jadi family show kat tv tu, seriously. BAHAHA... adik anda Eqa sangat triple + one threat doe. gila ah.. setail habis bhai :D nice nice

mikhaelahmad said...

Adah 7 or 8 tahun?

Hanis Manis said...

8 kot. haha.

Hanis Manis said...

Mia: thats the thing. how can a cheerleader jadi pelaatih kawad kaki kan? ironi sungguh.

Mia L. said...

HAHAHA. ahhh. the irony! :)

Dark Half said...

one word to describe ur family blindly by me:

Dark Half said...

one word to describe ur family blindly by me: