Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Vampire Who Ate Bawang Putih For Breakfast

this story is originally written by Nussow , an adaptation from Crapola,

and visualized by Candy and Some Grass.


little bit of info before we start okay?

this is Mr Val. he is a vampire.
he lives in Malaysia since he was small but he's Caucasian.

and this is the present time.
eventhough you are living in different time zone or you are in different era,
this is the present time while you are reading this.
got it?

this is an important time setting as this is the time Mr Val died.

lets start shall we?


Mr Val rush in to his room without even have to open the door. well, this is because Mr Val's room doesn't have a door. he broke it not long ago because he was rushing to avoid from the sunlight. while he is in his room, he is thinking about what to eat as he is so fucking hungry.

he tries to distract himself for not thinking about food by reading the newspaper. however, he keeps on imagining all the human in the paper as food. dammit, tak boleh jadi ni.

Mr Val goes to the kitchen to find some food. he look everywhere around the kitchen. the house is not actually his. he took the house after the owner of the house is dead. how he died, Mr Val refuses to tell but he swear he didn't kill him. so luckily, he found some roti bawang putih in one if the cupboard.

then Mr Val happily took a shower. he says its not good having shower after meal, nanti perut buncit. although he is very hungry but he takes well care of his hygiene. while taking his shower,
he sing songs. he's quite good at it as he knows various kind of song. up from Lady Gaga till Shah Rukh Khan songs.

after take a good shower, he dress up well. he wears clean shirt, put on some powders, spray some deodorant, comb his hair neatly and even wear eyeliner. dia rasa dia lah vampire paling style sekali!

he opens up the packaging and smells the bread. seems like he knows the smell but he cant recall. perhaps because he is too hungry.

hell with the strange smell, he took the first bite and he chews the food slowly.

he took another bite. boleh tahan jugak rasa dia.

his respiratory system seems not to be functioning. he tries to reach for water but its too far. his eyes starts watery. damn! damn!! dammnn!!!

Mr Val collapses. each and every person he love or he ate before appears in front of his eyes. oh, bye bye world. bye bye Malaysia.



145 years before.

notakaki: ada sesiapa tak faham?


nussow said...

cool gilaaaaaaaaaaa mr v!! macam white stripes. :D

Hanis Manis said...

or story writer, i'm honoured! haha. thanks eh nussow for the story. hope u suka visualized version. heee.

~bobby~ said...

i think i should hang out with u someday..will you??i suka cara pemikiran u..gosh!

hawa said...

whoaaa :DDD

tahniah tahniah. hahaha

eszol said...

this is soooo cool

somebody gonna get butthurted

Hanis Manis said...

@eszol: haha! thanks!

Hanis Manis said...

@bobby: haha. i'm a very serious person act. this is just me faking. :D

Hanis Manis said...

@cik crapola: woaaahhhh. thanks kat korang lah. kita curi je! hee.

Valossa Vicious said...

WAAAAHHHH Captain, this is so good. Especially how you followed the details of my appearance as seen in my blog, hahahaha.

Parts that make me laugh:

1. Poker Face shower song.
2. "WTH aye" --> Vampire pirate?
3. Makan roti garlic "boleh tahan jugak rasa dia" Hahahaha!
4. Terlentang kelaparan atas lantai. Mr. Val is such a helpless vampire! (Macam spiderman pun ada)
5. Tragic ending. Mati lagi!

Hey, I do love Malay language la. Hehe.

Anyway, THANKS a lot Captain Hanis! :D

p/s: My blogger picture dah tukar la pulak.

Hanis Manis said...

Mr V: i tak rasa kelakar after u point it out.

1. its lady gaga dude. 'everyone' sings that. ;D
2. becoz ur a part time pirate so u sounded like one. haha.
3. haah kan? asal i guna ayat tu i pon tak tahu. wth. haha
4. sebab kalau i lapar, mesti i terlentang macam tu.
5. yay! haha.

well, in my version, you just dont. haha.
ur welcome, mate.

p/s: tu lah pasal. kalau tak people can notice u straight away. heee.

Valossa Vicious said...

Hey, just noticed the important point. Terlampi kejap.

The vampire died because he didn't understand Malay!

1. Okay la, I guess so.
4. Serius eh? Tapi Mr. V macam agak melawan hukum graviti. Hahahah
5. Next time please let spare their lives okay?

Okay, tukar profile pic jap.

Hanis Manis said...

Mr V: OMG u tak faham rupanya?! wth! hahahaha. abis u ingat kenapa dia mati? hahahaha. okay, ini kelakar. damn you!

Valossa Vicious said...

My brain malfunctioned just now. Too excited kot? Hahahahaha That was embarrassing.

nussow said...

i dont like it. i love it :D

Hanis Manis said...

@Mr V: haha. biar lambat asalkan u faham jugak. hee. or should i explain it in other specific language? haha. kidding okay. a pirate cant be embarrassed or u'll be thrown out from the ship. :D

@nussow: haha. thanks nussow. its ur story, i just imagine je. hee.

Myra Z.A said...

hanis entry ni buat saya lapar.

Hanis Manis said...

ah sudahlah! u sentiasa lapar.

waz said...

hihi sukaaa! yes i do understand..its always wise to learn the language of the place we live in la, mr V...hehehe

Hanis Manis said...

hahahaha. but hey, i bet the original Mr V speaks Malay very well lah. he's Malaysian after all. heeee.

FH said...

wahh ni yg terbaik lah ;DD

Anonymous said...

i faham, sbb roti bawang tu ditulis dlm bahasa melayu. roti bawang. kalau dia tau itu garlic, mmg tak la dia nak makan kan :)

melon. said...

hey, u lukis satu satu ke? sangat rajin. sangat sangat.

Hanis Manis said...

@FH: yay! :D

@anonymous: yay again! :DD

@melon: yess i lukis satu satu. haha.

Is said...

kelaka la hanis ni.

Hanis Manis said...

@is: mana ada. ni adaptasi je. idea orang, saye ilustrate je. ;D

| Larasephia | said...

Haha tragic!
VERY nice!
Patut la aku tgk muka Mr V tu kalau tak kaler kuning mesti kaler biru. Now baru paham. hehehe