Monday, January 24, 2011

POTA 2 : The Dead Man's Brain

directed by Candy and Some Grass.

presenting you :

this is not a pirate story, but it is a story about pirates.

let it begins.


there is a story behind the greatest-ship-ever Bella Luna. the story sounded more or less like this. long ago, Bella Luna was owned by the most fearless pirate of the universe and when he died, he doesn't want anybody to own his precious Bella Luna. thus, he send Bella Luna straight down to the deep blue sea.

deep down where the water is not so blue but not so black and the fishes are much scarier. Bella Luna was left there for more than 1000 years. yup, she's old. but pretty mind you.

how did Captain Hanis Manis got the ship? oh no no, she didn't swim till down there. be realistic you guys. she made a deal with the Walking Dutchman.

well now, who the hell is Walking Dutchman? let me tell you about him. Walking Dutchman is the guardian of the sea. he is like the king of sea or perhaps the Prime Minister. his job is to serve to the sea forever. he has to collect the missing souls that was dead in the sea and bring them to the world's end. he is mortal and he lives on the sea or maybe sometimes under the sea with his pet, the giant jelly fish, Mr Jelly-O'.

to make it sound more tragic, once someone has volunteered to be the Walking Dutchman, there is no way of turning back. he will only get the chance to go to the land once in 10 years. people even says, there this chest called 'the dead man's chest' that bound Walking Dutchman to the sea.

according to the law of sea, the person who wants to be the Walking Dutchman has to give up his brain and live on the sea as a dead man with no fear, no lust, not even brain- eternity.

so, coming back to the story on how Captain Hanis Manis gets Bella Luna, she made a deal with the Walking Dutchman somewhere in October when the Walking Dutchman was on his one-day-holiday.

that's how Captain Hanis Manis gets Bella Luna. she have made a bloody promise that she shouldn't have.

10 years passed..

Captain Hanis Manis was too busy chasing Captain Nakajima that stole Bella Luna from her. remember how she got back her ship in POTA 1? yah, well that's after 4 years he stole the ship. and after she got the ship, she was too busy finding treasure in the sea. she had totally forgotten about the promise.

one day in October, she had a dream.

when she woke up, she realizes that she is short of time because at this time, she only has 1 and a half soul. oh dammit.

she stay at shore for weeks to hide from the Walking Dutchman because she knew he cant touch the land. but soon, she was getting bored and tired of hiding. she is a pirate, she cant stay at land forever, yes? so, she finds a way to cut the deal.

she heard some says that, if you keep the dead man's chest, the Walking Dutchman will be under your command. and if you stab the brain, you will be mortal. meaning, you will be the next Walking Dutchman. guess what? Captain Hanis Manis decided to search for the chest. to keep or to stab, that is undecided yet.

she search for it everywhere on land, including at the Octoberfest in Amsterdam. but she couldn't find it. she know she had to sail to the sea to find it, somehow.

what she doesn't know is, the government side, Putrajaya, has already have the chest. ahhh, damn. how do they get it? well, i dont know. ask them. but what i know is why they have it. this is because they hold a grudge towards Captain Hanis Manis (remember the case about the stolen "Downwiththebloodycops' in POTA 1?) but they couldn't catch her. unfortunately, they happen to know about the deal between Captain Hanis Manis and the Walking Dutchman. so they know, only the Walking Dutchman can catch her. in order to make the Walking Dutchman follows their command, they have to keep the chest.

coming back to Captain Hanis Manis, she sail to the sea to find the chest. when she is in the middle of the sea, she knew that it was the day she would die. but she rather die in the sea than die hiding on the land. courage isn't it?

her instinct were true. that was the day Captain Hanis Manis died. she was eaten by Mr. Jelly-O' and were send straight to the world's end along with Bella Luna.

she should have swim to the bottom of the sea in getting Bella Luna in the first place, no?



notakaki: sorry for the late entry and thanks for waiting.
notakakikaki: i wont promise when is POTA 3 but there will be POTA 3. :)


lavender harum wangi said...

ohooo~ tragic. she's dead? hahaha, kalau ada pota3, mesti dia akan hidup balik kan~ :D

wann afzan said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh <- bunyi lega dapat POTA.

Hanis Manis said...

cik lavender: yup she's dead. idk yet but thanks sebab tunggu even dah lama. hee

wann: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh <-- bunyi lega dah buat POTA. hee.

weed something out said...

kena baca waktu weekend nih.

Valossa Vicious said...

Captain Hanis Manis! How could you forget?? I bet she has ADHD. One and a half soul?? Hahahaha

The most ridiculous part is those Putrajaya folks. LOL Are they pirates too?

Anyway thanks for POTA 2, captain.

Hanis Manis said...

haha i guess so. yup one and a half because another half is a child. okay that doesn't make sense at all.

no the putrajaya folks are police and prosecutors. haha.

aye aye, mate. :D

Hanis Manis said...

weed something out: yah, anytime. thanks coz drop by. :)

ashraf said...

hanis, buat la cerite pasal batu belah batu bertangkup :P

Hanis Manis said...

dah buat dah. actually nak post yang tu, tapi tibe2 mental block. baru smapai scene apek nyanyi lagu zee avi je. haha.

mikhaelahmad said...

why the purajaya gomen kena amek chest tu? Wd will kill captain HM eventually kan. susah-susah ja depa p amek chest tu.

Hanis Manis said...

matt: sebab diorang boleh jadi the most powerful person on sea pulak. coz the walking dutchman is under their command dah kan. senang lah nak buat ape ape pon.

mikhaelahmad said...

gila kuasa juga mereka rupenye ye. ish ish ish.

Hanis Manis said...

yahhh... kita tengah cakap pasal putrajaya kan skang ni. haha.

danielmooseyo said...

ghahah xD bukan dead man chest ada hati dia ke ? O:

Hanis Manis said...

parody. :D

melon. said...

hahahahaha. funny improvise!

Hanis Manis said...

@melon: take that as compliment. thanks! :)

Acid said...

at last! kuar gak sambungan Pota! haha.