Wednesday, April 21, 2010

one wish okey?

as you can see people, i adore mermaids now.

Mostly because i like the sea. When we are underneath the sea, its like living in a new world. Literally separated from the world above us. *bagosnya. tak payah buat carry marks and bayar saman* and i like marine wildlife - colourful fishy and corals. auwwww. Plus, i like women with goddest pretty hair. so that's all the reason i could think of.

oh and and and, i like the fact that mermaids can breath and talk in water.

The word mermaid is derived from the word mere which mean 'sea' in Old English plus maid, a women. The first mermaid's story appeared in Assyria. a queen loved a mortal sheperd and unintentionally killed him. Ashamed, she jumped into a lake to take the form of a fish. However, the waters could not deal with her goddest beauty. Therefore, she took the form of a mermaid—human above the waist, fish below.

so that says Wikipedia.
thank you.

from all the mermaid movies i've watched, its almost the same. regarding the fact that semua pelakon mermaid mesti lawa lawa *that shows mermaids are somekind of beautiful creature*, the attitude of a mermaid and their characteristic is quite similar an obvious.

firstly, they use starfish as earings as it could whisper to them how pretty they are.
secondly, they could talk in animal language and human language.
*siam, omputih, melayu, korea, rusia, cina*
thirdly, they do not know that their tears and sweat are salty.
fourth, they will transform into mermaid again bila air laut surut.
fifth, they cant get near water during day time as their spell will be broken.
*tiba tiba boleh tumbuh ekor dikhalayak ramai*
sixth, bapa mermaid mesti orang yang control weather and waves.
seventh, they usually in blue, green and purple colour.

so, how's that for an observation?

to add on, in all mermaids movies i've watched, they always said that if you saw a mermaid, you can make a wish. they will grant you no matter what wish. it was stated in mermaids history that mermaids can bring fortune. wooooooaaaaaaaaaa. it looks like i have a greater reason to love mermaids. kan? haha.

mermaids, come come.

if i jumpa mermaid and she asked for a wish, i'll ask to see more mermaids.

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